TODO items for the current iteration

Current iteration

This is immediate stuff only for this iteration (1.0.1RC1) of 38 hours.

Unit tester

Make sure expectException() works correctly with setUp() and tearDown() methods (3).
In particular:
  • tearDown() is always run unless an exception is thrown in tearDown()/


Add Eclipse support to DefaultReporter (2).
Need a way to detect the Eclipse environment (must talk to Steve) and to use the EclipseReporter within the DefaultReporter in this case. This removes a significant piece of set up from Steve's side.

Mock objects

Add throwOn() method for generating exceptions (4/6).
Can throw exceptions on certain method call or parameters in the same way that a return value can be set.


Fix bug 1688238 with lost paths when absoluting a link (2).
Fix bug 1671539 with assertText picking up JavaScript (1).
Add U flag to regexes to allow unicode (3).


Acknowledge target attribute in base tag (3).
Investigate bug 1706283 with incorrect proxy requests (3).
see bug tracker 1706283
Confirm bug 1656650 forms appearing as null is fixed (1).
see bug tracker 1656650
Fix bug 1642529 with radio buttons not working (3).
Look at adding a file() loading command (4).
This is just a scoping exercise. There are times when you want to click on an HTML email, or you want to start the test by loading the page with something other than the SimpleTest web browser. Is it easy (sub a couple of days work) to load a file when given the file:// prefix on a URL?

Web tester

Fix issue 1605972 missing isLink(), probably by changing docs (1).


Update core documentation snippets with the new features such as autoload (8).
Bit of a major job. It means going through all of the core documentation and updating it with new methods and features. In particular, the introductory pages should switch to autoload. Should be checked : addTestFile.
Extension docs (1).
Document the file structure for extension writers. Also, deprecate the simpletest/ui/ folder in favour of putting everything into simpletest/extension/.


Trackers for : feature requests, bugs and patches.